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I live in Brookfield with my husband and our 2 daughters. I love spending time outdoors, traveling (shout out to the Grand Tetons, whose beauty brings me to tears), and a good book makes me very happy.


I love a challenge and, as a dual-board certified nurse practitioner, I’m uniquely qualified for and welcome difficult cases. I grew up in Wisconsin but worked as a nurse and nurse practitioner in Boston, Chicago, New York City, and Wilmington, Delaware before heading back to Wisconsin with my growing family. My 17 years as a nurse practitioner in a wide variety of areas has given me experiences, I wouldn’t change for the world. I saw how mental wellbeing was central to health while working in the areas of primary care, cardiology, palliative care, hospice, and house calls. A medical director in Delaware once told me “I wasn’t worried about your technical skills, Rachel, because those can be learned if needed. I knew you had the necessary passion and drive to work with our team.” A few years ago, I decided to apply my passion and pursue a psychiatric specialty so I can do the work I was drawn to for so many years.


Mood & Anxiety

I will not lose hope and I’ll ask you to do the same. I believe the commonly used phrase “treatment resistant depression” just means I’ll get to do more research and think outside the box to get you the care you need. And I believe anxiety isn’t a bad thing as it’s kept us, as humans, from going extinct. But I don’t want it running your life. With you in the driver’s seat, anxiety should be in the back seat.


First and foremost, I want you to feel a connection with me. We are both humans, with flaws and imperfections and empathy guides my interactions. Secondly, I must establish psychological safety as I consider it a privilege to hear your story and work collaboratively with you.


I remember listening to an episode on the ExpertADD podcast and the psychiatrist suggested to the caller “find a provider who loves treating ADHD.” I want to be that provider for you. To borrow the title from the popular book about ADHD, your brains not broken. We will work together to find the best treatment option for you.

Treatment Approach

You are the expert of you. It is my privilege to create a safe environment committed to providing the best care possible. In nursing, we are taught the value of therapeutic communication and seeing the person as a whole- mind, body, and spirit. With a deep-seating passion for mental health, I will utilize my diverse background to create a holistic and personalized treatment plan. I recognize the courage it takes to seek help and I am honored to be a part of your journey.

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I have a flexible schedule during traditional business hours. Please complete the “Book Appointment” section below and I will get you scheduled as quickly as possible. Feel free to add any questions you may have for more details around next steps and will be sure to answer upon our first meeting.

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