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Hong Yin, MD

I recently graduated residency and am building up my practice. I generally take patients ages 18-65. I am trained in treating a variety of disorders and am particularly familiar with anxiety and depressive disorders. I believe mental illness is multifactorial in that there are biological as well as social and various other factors at play. Although I do medication management, I'm also very supportive of lifestyle changes (e.g. sleep hygiene, balanced diet, etc.) and the role of psychotherapy. I'm a general adult outpatient psychiatrist. Disorders I work with include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and psychotic disorders. I do primarily medication management. I do offer some therapy during medication checks but will also refer patients for further therapy if needed. I believe treating psychiatric illness is a collaborative effort. I encourage the patient to be active in the medical decision making process as well and welcome questions as well as involvement of supportive loved ones.