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Kevin Tissot, LPC

I have been counseling families and adults the last twenty years. It is so brave and complicated to ask for help. I take the time to listen and create new avenues of solutions amidst the diagnosis. A diagnosis is not all of who you are, you are strong in ways you may not know. Let me help sift through issues and find clarity amidst the din. We will work together.

My specialties are across the life span, infants, teens, and couples and adults. At every stage of life we need a kind ear. I treat all forms of mental health issues, and teach coping skills, exploring anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma. I like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and disproving thinking as needed using a gentle approach.

When you need or want help you know it. Be wise and brave and seek help. I work with you to find a more settled life. It’s hard work, let’s do it together.


I provide general counseling and therapy but specialize in:


Adult Counseling



Treatment Style

Approach is warm, active, and flexible depending upon the needs of the individual and/or couple. Between-session activities are often suggested in order to facilitate therapeutic progress.

Primary Patients:



Patients Treated

Over 20 years experience

He specializes in individual and family counseling with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disturbances.

Treats adult issues including stress management, anger, depression, anxiety.

PTSD & Trauma

Typical Availability

I love to help my clients as soon as possible, so average availability is 1-3 days. After our first meeting, we establish best times and cadence for our sessions.

Facts About Therapist

Kevin Tissot

Kevin Tissot takes the time to listen and create new avenues of solutions amidst the diagnosis.

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